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JDJ Optic Pathway Glioma Research Fund

Optic Pathway Glioma Research Update Prepared for the JDJ Charitable Foundation

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is one of the leading optic pathway glioma (OPG) research centers in the world.We have a multi-pronged approach with a goal of looking for improved cures while simultaneously evaluating how to preserve vision in those already with the tumor.We have multiple ongoing OPG projects, which would not be possible without the support from the JDJ Charitable Foundation and your generous donors.Our ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life for these children, as well as find better treatments and cures.We know that this research is of personal significance to you in memory of your father, and we appreciate your commitment to helping children facing OPG. Our current optic pathway glioma research includes:

  1. Evaluation of a novel MRI biomarker (diffusion tensor imaging) of visual function in OPG
  2. Evaluation of optical coherence tomography (this is like an ultrasound that looks at the retina) as a biomarker of visual function in OPG
  3. A longitudinal study of outcomes for NF1-associated OPG
  4. An evaluation of whether change in enhancement is a marker of OPG behavior, and thus whether this is an indicator to initiate treatment or not
  5. Predicting pediatric optic pathway glioma progression using advanced MRI analysis and machine learning
  6. We are looking at whether these tumors can be better measured using volumetric techniques, as opposed to standard one and two dimensional measurements
  7. A molecular analysis of NF1 low grade gliomas (including OPG) and how they differ in signaling and behavior from non-NF1 LGG

Thank you for your incredible support in making these research breakthroughs possible.