JDJ Foundation Monte Carlo Night

Where the Dollars Go

Every Dollar Makes a Difference

With each of our fundraisers, our goal is to raise money to help further our efforts in promoting cancer research, wheelchairs, volunteerism and scholarship.

For transparency, we've outlined below a quick snapshot of what we raised at some of our most recent events!


April 6, 2019

JDJ Monte Carlo Night

This was a special evening of cocktails, dinner and good fortune for a great cause. As our largest fundraiser to date, 85 people attended this event at the New York Athletic Club. It was a huge success in which we hit our fundraising goal and all proceeds raised went to our pediatric wheelchair program.

TOTAL RAISED: $13,499.00

Total Revenue: $38,829.00

Expenses: $25,330.00

November 6, 2018

JDJ @ Brooklyn Brewery

Team JDJ rented out the Brooklyn Brewery to host a fundraiser. 73 attendees were given special tours of the brewery and enjoyed a beer tasting throughout the night. Beer was included in the cost of this event and all proceeds raised went to our Foundation.

TOTAL RAISED: $3,258.00

Total Revenue: $5,875.00

Expenses: $2,617.00

April 20, 2018

JDJ Ping Pong Tournament

58 people participated in an epic ping pong tournament to raise funds for the JDJ Research Fund at CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia). Attendees were able to enjoy free food and drinks throughout this fun and entertaining event! 

TOTAL RAISED: $1,435.00

Total Revenue: $6,130.00

Expenses: $4,695.00